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Not satisfied with just building their reputation as the finest home builder, and remodeler in their market, Metro Renovators was eager to establish itself as a leading commercial general contractor as well. The lake area YMCA organization had been in a fundraising mode to raise the capital needed to build a new facility for the last several years, when Merlyn Vandervort was asked to serve on the YMCA board of directors, and subsequent to his commitment on that board, he had the opportunity to review the building plans that had already been drawn up for the new YMCA facility. Merlyn was far less than enthusiastic about the quality of the design, and could only describe the original design as that of an old convent. As the original design had been completed over a year earlier, and approved by a previous board, the new YMCA board all agreed that the design was less than desirable. Unfortunately the YMCA had already invested seventy five thousand dollars in the plan. Merlyn quickly recognized that this could be the perfect commercial project for Metro Renovators to display their quality and innovative services, plus do something great for the community all at the same time! Merlyn told the rest of the board members that Metro Renovators would come up with a completely new preliminary design with renderings, and present it to them at their next board meeting, and if the board liked the new plan better than the one they already had, that Metro Renovators would not only provide all of the Architectural and Engineering services for the same price as the design firm they had already contracted, but Metro Renovators would donate to the YMCA the seventy five thousand dollars they had already spent. It was a no lose proposition for the board, and the following month Metro Renovators presented the board with a totally new design, and the board loved it! Not only was Metro Renovators awarded the design contract, they were also awarded the contract to build the entire new facility. The end result was the completion of one of the finest YMCA facilities in the country.

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As a Home Builder, Metro Renovators has designed and built a multitude of quality homes including some of the finest luxury homes in the country. As a Remodeling Contractor, Metro Renovators has modernized, updated, and beautified countless properties to their fullest potential. As a Restoration Contractor, Metro Renovators has restored properties from their worst possible condition, to their finest condition. As a Commercial General Contractor Metro Renovators has designed and built everything from office buildings, convenience stores, and restaurants, to community centers and super structure- multi level hotels.

Metro Renovators & Construction Services, Inc. is a continuation of a concept that started out as a small company in the back of a garage some twenty plus years ago, and went on to become a part of an even bigger organization, and has sense reincarnated itself and evolved into the company that it is today; it may not be precisely the same company with the same name, and the same players as it had over two decades ago, or even the same business plan; but it is still the same driving force, with the same fundamental business philosophies; that if you build a company around good service, unparalleled quality, and straight forward honesty and integrity, you have a formula for success. Do what you say you are going to do, be the best in your industry, and make quality and innovation a priority; those were the guiding principals’ then, and they continue today with Metro Renovators & Construction Services, Inc. (