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    With a firm standing as a premier luxury home builder, high-end remodeling and additions were a natural extension of Metro Renovators talents, and services. Vandervort’s background as a restoration contractor, gave him a unique perspective on remodeling; when assessing a property that has been significantly damaged or destroyed by a fire, or by mother nature, you have to be able to visualize precisely how the property looked prior to the loss, and usually without the benefit of any blue prints; and then determine how to reconstruct it to its pre-loss condition, plus be able to make suggestions that will improve or modernize a building, and enhance the value of the property.

    The Metro Renovators team’s key to quality remodeling projects is their ability to study a home or building, and visualize how it is supposed to be, rather than how it actually is, and then figure out what it will take to make that visualization a reality. The same rule holds true when updating or modernizing an older building; visualize how that particular building, on that particular site, would be built today, with modern technology and design. Historic preservation requires sort of a reverse technology, with a critical eye towards detail in materials and craftsmanship of a particular era, and geographic location. The end product of any remodeling addition should never look like an addition; rather it should look as if the addition was always a part of the original design. If you would ask any one of Metro Renovators’s satisfied remodeling project customers, what it is that makes the Metro Renovators team, so unique; it’s their ability to visualize how a project is supposed to look, and then be able to make it look exactly that way when the project is completed.

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    Metro Renovators has had the privilege of completing numerous commercial and residential remodeling projects, and in nearly every instance, the end product was far beyond the initial design concept of the property owner. “We don’t want to do a project unless we have the flexibility to think out of the box, we want to get a good feel for what our customers are looking for, and then apply our construction experience, and design capabilities, to deliver a quality project that exceeds their expectations” expresses Vandervort.

    One of the first remodeling projects Metro Renovators undertook when they launched their new business was to remodel the home of Randy and Jane Kelly; Randy owns one of the largest boat dealerships at the Lake of the Ozarks, and his wife Jane, is consistently one of the top realtors in the community. Both Randy and Jane are very successful professionals, with a distinct eye for quality. Metro Renovators’s performance on the Kelley’s personal home, earned them a much larger remodeling and addition project a few years later when they completely remodeled, and doubled the size of “Kelley’s Port Marina”.

    One particular project that kind of “sums up” a Metro Renovators remodeling project is the home of Hank Parasoto. Hank first asked Merlyn Vandervort to come by his house and give him some suggestions on what he could do to sort of spruce up the house, with the intent of selling it. Hank had already had several other opinions from various professionals; and his thoughts, and their consensus was more along the lines of some new paint, floor covering, and possibly some shutters; but he did ask Merlyn to “think out of the box”, and that sort of thinking was exactly what he got! Merlyn’s suggestion was drastic to say the least; “You need to completely tear out the entire third floor loft to increase the height of your great room ceilings, tear out your main stair case to open up the floor plan, completely re-design your entry, increase the size of your garage, completely re-side and re-roof your home, remodel every inch of your house inside and out, and a swimming pool would be a nice finishing touch”. Hank didn’t quite know what to think about Merlyn’s suggestions, as they were definitely way over the top, but the more he thought about it, he determined that was exactly what the house needed. The Metro Renovators team went to work, and the finished product far surpassed Hank’s expectations!

    Metro Renovators’s resume of quality remodeling projects is indeed extensive; every form of remodeling project one could imagine; restaurants, hotels, condominium projects, office buildings, retail shops; everything from; complete interior and exterior renovations of both commercial and residential projects, to lavish kitchens and bathroom suites, and multi level room additions.